At the west end of the World’s Largest Freshwater Island, you will find the village of Meldrum Bay.
Once a busy fishery and lumber area, the quaint present day village pays homage to its marine heritage with its Inn, cottage resort and general store.
Touted by some to be quite possibly the best Chinook salmon fishery in Canada, charters,sightseeing excursions, marinas and a campgrounds are available.


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Meldrum Bay Marina affords spectacular views and is a safe, quiet, and relaxing port; open from 7 am to 8 pm daily from June to Mid September.  There are 20+ boat slips for transient boats and the marina offers the usual services, Gas/Diesel, 15/30/50 amp power, pump out facilities, washrooms, showers and Laundromat. The newly completed break-wall offers the docks protection from the NE winds







Meldrum Bay with its full service marina, is the first port for clearing customs when cruising the southern shore of the North Channel
Supplies for boaters and fishermen are available near the docks.

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Mississagi Lighthouse
Located at the lighthouse near Meldrum Bay are several short trails that follow the craggy shoreline over flat limestone ledges, around enormous boulders and through rock fissures, Wildflowers and birds. The trails offer beautiful views of Lake Huron. Allow 1 to 2 hours.
Open Victoria Day Weekend - Labor Day Weekend


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Phone/Fax: 1-705-283-3190 or 1-877-577-1645

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Where is the finest salmon action to be found on the Great Lakes? The answer to that question is easy...Meldrum Bay on the far west end of Manitoulin Island. Where is the favorite Great Lakes' getaway for the host of Going Fishing? Again....the answer is Meldrum Bay on the far west end of Manitoulin Island. Better yet, let's make that Whiteseas Cottages and Charters at Meldrum Bay on the west end of Manitoulin Island.
Not only is the trolling for salmon fantastic, but accommodations and scenery found on this corner of the world's largest freshwater island is nothing short of spectacular.
First for the fishing. How about twenty fish days. Thats twenty big spunky chinook salmon in the boat and not counting another dozen or so that have tossed the lures back in your face. Out from Whiteseas, you fish an expanse of water referred to as Lake Hurons Mississaugi Straights. Water escaping Lake Michigan and Lake Superior pour through this channel attract vast schools of baitfish and thousands of big predator chinook, coho salmon and steelhead. For the most part, the water is calm and salmonoids are almost always present.
The summer salmon fishery is without a doubt the best we found on any of the Great Lakes. Still, it's essential that along with the downriggers, rods and lures, that trollers pack along a Fish Hawk 840 Thermo Troll. The currents found in these waters can make for confusing trolling speeds at any depth.
Then there's Whitesea Cottages and Charters. Here, you'll find nine deluxe housekeeping cottages located in a picturesque bay. Everything is perfect.
Again, here at Going Fishing we have designated Whitesea Cottages and Charters and the waters out from Meldum Bay as the best fishing hole for salmon that the Great Lakes has to offer.